Teams Nation 2024: Phishing attack using Microsoft Teams

Cyber threats are always evolving. In the past couple of months, there has been a large increase in phishing messages sent using Microsoft Teams. Louis and Thijs work in a Security Operations Center and handle these types of attacks daily. During this session we will cover the following: – Some real-world example of an attack– […]

Impersonation protected user upload script

Impersonation is when the sender of an email message looks similar to a real or expected sender’s email address. Attackers often use impersonated sender email addresses in phishing or other types of attacks to gain the trust of the recipient. User impersonation: Contains subtle differences in the email alias. For example, impersonates Anti-phishing Microsoft […]

To expire a password or not to expire?

Let’s discuss one of my more “unpopular” opinions. Microsoft states in its documentation the following: Password expiration requirements do more harm than good because these requirements make users select predictable passwords, composed of sequential words and numbers that are closely related to each other. In these cases, the next password can be predicted based on […]

MC2MC: Winter is coming | community video

Join me in this exciting video as I take you behind the scenes at MC2MC, a dynamic Belgian community dedicated to discussing Microsoft cloud, endpoints & security, and data & compliance. In this special episode, I had the privilege of attending their Winter is Coming event at the Microsoft Belgium headquarters. I had an enlightening […]

MC2MC: Winter is coming

To PIM or not To PIM, How is the Question In our recent Privileged Identity Management (PIM) session, my colleague Michael Van Horenbeeck and I shifted the focus from the decision of whether to implement PIM, as unanimity prevailed on that front. Instead, we honed in on the practical nuances of utilizing PIM effectively. PIM […]

🔒 Exciting Insights from the Belgian Microsoft Cloud & Security Community Event! 🔍

Had an incredible time at the recent Belgian Microsoft Cloud & Security Community Event, and I’m thrilled to share highlights from the event in my latest video! 🌐 Organizer Spotlight: Michael Van Horenbeeck Michael provided invaluable insights into what makes the community thrive and the incredible impact it has on fostering collaboration in the Microsoft […]