Force usage of FIDO2 key when elevating your priviliges

In this video, we go over the strengths of a FIDO 2 and how we can use “authentication context” in a conditional access policy to require FIDO2 as an MFA method.

If you want to secure your precious accounts with an extra security layer, this video might spark your interest. We are configuring that an admin is required to use a FIDO2 key in order get higher priviliges during PIM.

— Timestamps—

0:00 Intro

0:15 Authentication context feature

0:48 What we are configuring in this video

1:08 Why is a FIDO2 key secure?

— How to part —

3:28 Enable the usage of FIDO2 in your tenant

04:00 Create an Authentication Context

04:43 Create a CA policy using your Authentication Context

06:29 Require a FIDO2 when elevating your priviliges

07:30 Testing the configuration 08:55 Conclusion

10:11 Feedback, questions, say hi


For the nerds: TechCommunity blog post

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