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πŸ”’ Exciting Insights from the Belgian Microsoft Cloud & Security Community Event! πŸ”

Had an incredible time at the recent Belgian Microsoft Cloud & Security Community Event, and I’m thrilled to share highlights from the event in my latest video! 🌐 Organizer Spotlight: Michael Van Horenbeeck Michael provided invaluable insights into what makes the community thrive and the incredible impact it has on fostering collaboration in the Microsoft […]

Force usage of FIDO2 key when elevating your priviliges

In this video, we go over the strengths of a FIDO 2 and how we can use “authentication context” in a conditional access policy to require FIDO2 as an MFA method. If you want to secure your precious accounts with an extra security layer, this video might spark your interest. We are configuring that an […] does not register to Azure AD

I was preparing a video about not-phish able authentication methods and I wanted to register my ATKey.Pro FIDO (type C) to my authentication methods. At the end of my registration flow I was confronted with this pop-up. Azure AD audit logs The error message gives the indication more info can be found in Azure AD. […]

Detect security policy changes

Who changed my security baseline? Configuring your tenant with correct security policies that match the needs of your company or customer takes time and effort. But once everything is in place you can sleep on both ears… right? Unless other admins change the security baseline behind your back. This isn’t necessarily with bad intentions. Security […]

Legacy auth: how to tackle it!

Microsoft will disable basic auth on October 2022. There is no reason to wait with moving to modern auntill until Microsoft forces you to do so. There are BIG SECURITY RISK with using legy auth protocols. In this video I will be explaining where you can identity these protocols, explain the authentication mechanic that attackers […]