MC2MC: Winter is coming | community video

Join me in this exciting video as I take you behind the scenes at MC2MC, a dynamic Belgian community dedicated to discussing Microsoft cloud, endpoints & security, and data & compliance. In this special episode, I had the privilege of attending their Winter is Coming event at the Microsoft Belgium headquarters. I had an enlightening […]

MC2MC: Winter is coming

To PIM or not To PIM, How is the Question In our recent Privileged Identity Management (PIM) session, my colleague Michael Van Horenbeeck and I shifted the focus from the decision of whether to implement PIM, as unanimity prevailed on that front. Instead, we honed in on the practical nuances of utilizing PIM effectively. PIM […]

🔒 Exciting Insights from the Belgian Microsoft Cloud & Security Community Event! 🔍

Had an incredible time at the recent Belgian Microsoft Cloud & Security Community Event, and I’m thrilled to share highlights from the event in my latest video! 🌐 Organizer Spotlight: Michael Van Horenbeeck Michael provided invaluable insights into what makes the community thrive and the incredible impact it has on fostering collaboration in the Microsoft […]

🔒 Unveiling My Journey: From Finding XSS Vulnerability to Submitting it to Microsoft 🔒

🔒 Unveiling My Journey: From Finding XSS Vulnerability to Earning Bounties at Microsoft 🔒 In December 2022, I stumbled upon an XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) vulnerability on, and today, I’m thrilled to share my incredible journey with you! After many months of anticipation, I can finally disclose the details of how I discovered and successfully […]

Microsoft Cloud & Security community:

Session about “The power of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint: Mastering its Hidden Gems”Meeting url: June 2023 Event – One last time before summer, Thu, Jun 15, 2023, 5:30 PM | Meetup your SPF is a phishing problem!

A massive phishing campaign is targeting, impersonating their domain. It is common for phishing campaigns to impersonate government domains. However, during my investigation, I observed that the attackers were sending phishing emails from an IP address that was listed in the SPF record of This video showcases the steps taken during the investigation […]